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Custom Packaging & Your Brand

Competing against large companies who have custom branding specialists can be daunting. Many start-up and small business owners mistakenly believe that branding costs a lot of money. And certainly, there are agencies that will help you build your brand for a ridiculously high price that most small businesses simply can’t afford. But branding agencies aren’t…

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What Does Your Brand Stand For?

While you might know what your business stands for, knowing that your customer knows is the determining factor whether your business is a success or failure. With a myriad of new releases on the market as many as 95% of new products introduced each year fail, according to AcuPoll. While reasons vary in each case;…

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3 Ways to Make Your Brand’s First Impression Count

FACT- First impressions are formed in milliseconds. Way before you even realise what you’re taking in, before your cognitive awareness has understood what is in front of you, you have formed an impression. First impressions are paramount when it comes to the customer experience. When your aim as a business is to win customer loyalty,…

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