3 Ways to Make Your Brand’s First Impression Count

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FACT- First impressions are formed in milliseconds. Way before you even realise what you’re taking in, before your cognitive awareness has understood what is in front of you, you have formed an impression.

First impressions are paramount when it comes to the customer experience. When your aim as a business is to win customer loyalty, businesses are often led to believe that; the price, the speed and convenience of the service they are offering are of utmost importance. But think again!


Establish a Connection

Product packaging is the frequently forgotten and most underestimated piece of the buying experience that makes that important first impression. It is the key to enhancing the customer experience from the very beginning. It’s the pop of the cherry; the first insight into what you and your business are about. It reinforces your brand identity and is the ideal tool to surprise and delight your first-time buyer.

Think of packaging as a tool. There are a plethora of #unboxing videos on Instagram and Facebook and they get millions, yes, literally millions of views! So, in a time when packaging, or to be more precise- the unpackaging of a product is so readily desired, it’s time to start thinking about personalising your packaging to get that wow factor upon arrival so you can create a connection with the consumer.


Brand Values Represented

Branding or personalising your product boxes, bags, gift wrap and even your shipping box or package tape with your logo to make it front and centre stage is a no-brainer when it comes to consumer marketing. But it’s ‘just a logo’, you’re probably thinking… as a matter of fact, your branding goes way deeper than being just a logo. It is the prime real estate for your brand story and a great reinforcement of authenticity; the first step in building a customer connection.

If you have ever opened an Apple product, think about how you felt. The clean, crisp and effortless packaging that Apple uses has been tried and tested for the perfect opening experience hundreds of times in their secret “packaging room”. The chic packaging almost justifies the hundreds of dollars you have spent on their product. Like Apple, quality packaging communicates value, perhaps even prestige. Some marketers liken it to the feeling of receiving a gift. That sensation and element of surprise, where expectations can be surpassed, but also easily crumpled.


Be Classy, Not Nasty!

Yes, yes, a white plastic satchel will often get your product to where it needs to go functionally and cost-effectively, but if you’re selling something like fashion or accessories, it will portray the opposite of what you want your first impression to be. A crumpled plastic bag screams cheap, nasty and disposable… is that what you want your brand to be associated with?

Personalised packaging and wrapping make your brand story tangible. A cheap investment for the creation of a vessel that is not only aligned with your company values but an advocate for your product history and any future company perception.

So, if you’re a company that’s heavily centred on being organic, why not make your packaging 100% recyclable? Think about running a competition on Facebook or Instagram and promote it on your packaging with the relevant hashtags. This is all free advertising for the bigger picture- the success of your business.

In essence; never underestimate the power that personalised packaging has in carrying your brand and story into the arms of an eagerly awaiting customer. Think about your brand, the unboxing of your products and how you can tie the two together. Make every part of the unpacking experience count… because in this case- it’s what’s on the outside that counts!


Posted on October 9, 2018 in Branding

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