5 Reasons Why Custom Binders Can Help You

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Step back in time and think back to your school years. Did you ever own a folder decorated with cute stickers, drawings or the name of your secret crush? That same desire to personalise our belongings has followed us into adulthood, but in a more sophisticated way. Professional custom folders or binders with unique designs allow companies and small businesses to creatively reinforce their brand identity, present their concepts and showcase their products or services.

Custom printed folderNo matter what industry you’re in, there’s no reason to be nervous when giving a business proposal. Well, not if you come prepared to use every trick up your sleeve to win over potential client. Proposal binders are like a good hand in blackjack– they may not guarantee victory, but they can definitely put the odds in your favour. Consider the many different ways that custom printed folders improve your chances of securing financing for your next big project, the sale of a property or success with a general proposal by securing a new customer.

So, what can a customised presentation folder help you achieve?

You are only doing a disservice to your fantastic proposal if you present it in a mundane and unattractive way. Using a binder screams professionalism and confidence- two qualities that are crucial when presenting a business concept. First impressions go a long way towards sealing the deal, and proposal binders help to make your first impression a strong one.

Precision & Clarity
One of the most important reasons to use proposal folders are the organisational benefits they provide. Using custom created dividers with tabs can break up your proposal into different sections, making it easier for customers, clients and investors to browse for information. Organising your proposition like this also makes it easier for you to stay on track and hit every point that you want to make. You’ll feel more confident and speak more clearly when all of your goals are spelled out in front of you in a concise manner.

Easy to Follow
Visuals are important for making any presentation easier for your audience to understand. Personalised binders put these visuals front and centre where your audience can see them more clearly and effectively. Let’s face it; proposals, contracts and long, laborious legal documents can be quite confronting. A well segmented folder that is tailored to your client will help them feel more empowered and more likely to proceed with the offer at hand.

Inclusion of More Information
Whilst conciseness is the key to a successful proposal, you also want to be able to include anything that might win over your clientele. Personalised binders that are outfitted with USB pockets or disc sleeves give you the option to go above and beyond by including things like product samples, blueprints and media presentations.

Making Follow-Up Easier
Customised folders give your audience something to consider long after your proposal has concluded. When it comes time to make a decision, they’re going to remember every bit of important information from your presentation because it’s all neatly laid and outlined in their binder. Why not add a business card slot so that they can easily reach you when they’ve reached a decision? Last impressions are just as important as the first and personalised binders provide the longest-lasting impression you could make.

Your proposal folders can only be successful if they are filled with the right information and feature an eye-catching and memorable design. Let us at RightWay Design & Print help you achieve your goals with a custom designed folder to bring you one step closer to achieving you personal or business targets.

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