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Competing against large companies who have custom branding specialists can be daunting. Many start-up and small business owners mistakenly believe that branding costs a lot of money. And certainly, there are agencies that will help you build your brand for a ridiculously high price that most small businesses simply can’t afford. But branding agencies aren’t the be all and end all of branding success.

Good branding is possible for all businesses, big or small, and achieving it doesn’t have to be expensive. Especially in the digital age, there’s plenty you can do to make your business memorable. One way that can help your small business go from idea to successful reality is through the use of customised packaging.

Branding is more than just the logo that you put on your business cards. It’s everything you stand for; your customers, your reputation, your look and feel. In short, branding is YOUR story. What better way is there to tell your story than through the customised packaging of the product you are selling?

Thought about custom packaging, but are worried the costs are too high?

Fear not! At RightWay Design & Print your customised packaging can be designed in-house for your convenience with the printing outsourced to our partners in China, so you can save a small fortune on local costs. With packaging playing a huge part as the face of your business, perhaps it’s time to give your best asset a facelift?!

With product packaging being a key factor in whether many businesses fail or succeed in a saturated market, it’s time to give customers what they are looking for. Customised packaging is the crucial conversation you cannot physically have with them. The salesperson closing the deal, and keeping your product a front-runner in a sea of products.

But what should your packaging look like?

Basically, whatever it is that differentiates you from your competitors, is what’s going to help you stand out, and is definitely something you want to build into your brand identity and product pack.

Just as in regular life, you’ll draw attention and build trust simply by being your authentic self. Every business can create a hoo-har about what their product can do, but it’s the businesses whose products actually do what they say, that make it in the long run.

3 Things Customised Packaging Should Achieve

1. Anticipation & Surprise

What can you do to stand out? Think of unique, eye-popping detail,hand-written messages, or go the opposite with clean, minimal packaging. Whatever it is that makes your brand different, use that!

2. Encourage Social Media Sharing

It’s quite obvious that recommendations by customers significantly influence the way consumers shop. Whether it’s the trust, authenticity or the concept of FOMO, one thing is for certain- it
works. Unboxing videos can go viral, so don’t miss your chance to be seen.

3. Secure a Repeat Purchase

Probably the main objective in most businesses, repeat customers are what keep revenue flowing in, while you work on acquiring new customers to keep on growing. Repeat purchases create demand,
and regular customers become your loyal following.


If you’d like to learn a little more about how we can help you achieve an affordable customised packaging deal. Simply contact us here for a free quote.

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Brand Management, Branding

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