How to Establish Customer Loyalty

You’ve heard it many times before, but it’s always less expensive to get an existing customer to purchase again than it is to find new ones. Creating a loyal customer base ultimately comes down to the feeling of individual care and the service you provide them. Why go anywhere else, when you offer an attractive service that caters above and beyond the buyer’s expectations?

A major part of building a long-term, sustainable brand is bringing a customer back time and time again. What you want is for your customers to remember the customised brand experience. The value of building such a product experience lies in the memories created with each particular customer:

  1. The attention to detail in your product
  2. The unboxing experience you provide
  3. The aesthetics of their whole interaction

By exceeding a shopper’s expectations with premium and exciting packaging, emerging brands as well as existing ones, can create a memorable experience that customers will share with others. This is also the case when it comes to branding for marketing purposes.

Take our custom-printed tissue and wet wipe packs as an example. Much like the wet wipe sachets you receive on a flight or at KFC that many customers store in their car or bag for use at a later time, our purposely designed tissue packs have the same impact.

Each convenient and affordable little pack features your customised, logo, brand message, contact details and more. Whatever you want to convey to your customer, print it on your packs, so when your customer brings it back out, they remember and think about your business and the experience the had with you.

The main thing to remember is that individuals appreciate feeling valued, and providing that feeling through extra care and thoughtful packaging and sample marketing is a great way to strengthen relationships with existing customers, and establish strong links with new ones.

When consumers experience something special, something outside of the retail and online shopping norm, they’re likely to remember it.

Remember to choose your print collateral carefully- and by this we’re not only talking about the message, but the design, colour, layout and overall appeal. Often less is more when it comes to marketing, so think; clear, concise messaging and consistent branding.

  • Be YOUnique!
    Stand out from the crowd, but be YOU! In order to stand out, your custom packaging and marketing needs to be different. Think about the colour scheme, format, and language to create an appealing yet distinctive design.
  • Keep it Current
    Retail is forever changing, and your packaging should be changing with the times too. Just because your products stay the same, doesn’t mean your packaging and advertising has to. Packaging provides a great platform to get creative and keep your brand fresh.
  • Do Your Research
    Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget that to set yourself apart, you need to understand both your target audience as well as your competitors. Take the time to find out what your competition is doing, and think about how you could do it differently.

Posted on December 4, 2018 in Brand Management

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