It’s Time To Get Emotive

Leaving a lasting impression is perhaps the most important role you play as a business in order to create an allegiance of dedicated and returning customers.

Your product’s packaging tells a story about you, your brand and the product you are trying to sell. Custom packaging, much like the products themselves, come in a variety of forms: a simple sticker, printed ribbon or a personalised gift box. Whatever the form, the function is the same; to promote a little piece of a brand’s identity.

Think about that feeling you get when you open a package that has been specifically created with you in mind. You might not even notice it, but the imagery and wording is triggering an emotional connection to the brand or business on show.

Whether it be the package shape, colour or specialised messaging, a custom pack, essentially says; ‘’we’ve gone the extra mile just for you!’ In a survey from Dotcom Distribution findings revealed that 52 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging. That’s over half of consumers! So why are so many businesses missing their chance to connect emotionally with customers through packaging? It’s hard to say, but now’s the time to start!

Personalised packaging has many advantages on its side.

  • A customised pack provides increased real estate to promote more than just your company logo or website address.
  • There could be additional space to incorporate taglines, to sell services or use imagery to trigger an emotional connection to the brand.
  • With more brand identity exposed, the chance of creating a deeper, more lasting first impression increases and the chance to build an on-going relationship is almost guaranteed.

So why is this customer connection so important?
Well, people like sharing positive experiences. With the popularity of social media, people from all walks of life avidly share images, reviews and even videos talking about product purchases and experiences dealing with companies worldwide. Happy customers not only want their friends and family to know, but they are also equally as happy to share their experiences with complete strangers.

Contact Rightway Design & Print for all your personalised packaging needs. With creative designers, reputable and affordable printing and A-Grade service from start to finish, we can help your brand get the recognition it deserves. Whether you come from a corporate, sporting or private field, contact us to see how you can connect with your audience.



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