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So, by now we all know the importance of product packaging and how it can seal the deal in terms of long-term customer retention, ROI and reputation. But did you know that product packaging, in particular- the customised type, can play a crucial role in protecting the goods you are trying to sell?

To avoid unexpected returns, refunds and complaints, as a business you should consider the following scenarios when selecting your customised packaging. Your product must be able to survive:

  • > Being dropped or tossed
  • > The vibrations of conveyor belts
  • > Compression from box stacking
  • > Changes in temperature

By thinking about the ‘what ifs’ you will save your business in the long run from disappointing customers if the unexpected were to happen. But don’t fret! Protecting your goods from damage can be done in an easy Three Step Plan:

Assessing the product that needs to be shipped Is it fragile and breakable?

Is it a liquid or flammable that requires special packaging? Can your product withstand being tossed around?


Evaluating the packaging options available

Think about the amount of space around the product in its box. Does it need extra padding to prevent it from moving and breaking? Will it require a no-spill, zip-lock bag?


Finding the best fit in terms of functionality and cost

Can you fit multiple products in one box to save on packaging? Does the box require double-walled packaging to withstand the weight?


Regardless of which shipping provider you choose, it’s in your best interest to assume that your goods will be tossed around and dropped. As the saying goes- it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Protecting your goods

It’s true that even after all this preparation and precaution, some incidents still can’t be prevented. But with proper packaging, you can reduce the number of your products that get damaged during the resale and shipping process.


By creating (and of course, following) a packaging best practices plan for your products, you can minimise shipping damages, making your business more successful as a whole.


Speak to us about the best packaging options and see how much you can save your business in unnecessary damaged goods.


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