The Benefits of Offshore Printing

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One of the best ways to save money on a project is to print offshore. At Rightway Design & Print, our trusted partnerships with offshore printers in China mean you get the best possible quality for the best possible price. But this didn’t just happen overnight. Over time, we have carefully selected our suppliers for their proven ability to deliver high-quality products, as well as their ethical and sustainable practices.


Throughout the order process, we stay in touch with our printers and regularly visit their factories to ensure everything stays on track and quality is maintained at every stage of any given job. This not only ensures that no detail, big or small, is missed, but it also means our quality control is a cut above the rest.


But, most importantly, we know which supplier to match your job to, based on the quality you require, price tag, turnaround and delivery requirements. Since inception, our offshore printers have provided us with a proven track record of quality and attention to detail that is second to none which has given us the confidence to partner with them for on-going projects.


The reality is though – printing offshore requires experience. At Rightway Design & Print we have this know-how. With over 20 years hands-on experience in the industry we’re proud to call ourselves seasoned veterans in the field.


Listed below are 7 key benefits of working with us and our offshore partners.

  1. You will receive photos, proofs, mock-ups and samples during production of your job to ensure the job meets the specifications and the standards of quality you expect.
  2. Relationships are well established with the best factories that have been chosen, inspected and tested by us.
  3. Our team speak and write both English and Chinese eliminating the risk of language barriers, miscommunications and getting an overall better outcome for all parties.
  4. Freight and shipping logistics are incorporated into your initial quote so that are no surprises or unexpected fees you may get when liaising yourself.
  5. All jobs are quoted in Australian dollars and you do not have to worry about currency conversion and fluctuating exchange rates.
  6. Our offshore partners use the latest certified technology to ensure the quality of the work they create is of the upmost standard.
  7. Packing of your goods is done with great care so it arrives in perfect condition. Our local team also check to ensure a high standard.

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