The Power of Corporate Printing

How Custom Print Makes a Lasting Impact on Your Target Audience

In today’s digital age, it’s easy for your target market to become saturated with online advertising and email marketing. Whilst digital marketing does have its perks, it’s time to take a proven approach to reaching your prospects as a business by using corporate printing and custom packaging!
Not sure if investing in corporate printing is right for you and your business?
Think about it like this; print materials and publications offer your customers and prospects a brand experience that cannot be replicated online, no matter how hard you try. When you invest in corporate printing you are physically interacting with the consumer, offering instant engagement- an advantage that penetrates the psyche way beyond swiping left or right on your smartphone or tablet.
But what exactly is corporate printing…
and how can it benefit me? If you think product packaging is just packaging, then you’re probably doing your business a bigger injustice than you may realise!
Businesses are often led to believe that it’s just the product that matters, and to forget packaging. In reality though, customised packaging is a communication means that portrays your company values and is the main factor that differentiates you from your competitors. Because the aim is to stand out from the crowd, isn’t it?
What makes customised packaging so important?
Some argue that it is equally as important as the product you are selling as it is the crucial means for your business to sell itself without a salesperson! Whether it’s business branding on stationery like pens and notepads, or actual box packaging for the product your business is selling, branding and corporate printing are an integral part of helping you reach your target market.
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Still not convinced? Check out the 5 reasons why corporate printing will make a lasting impact on your target audience below.

The printed nature of publications, brochures, posters and other forms of tangible advertising mean these items can stay in offices or homes for months or even years after they are received. Whilst many non-physical marketing is useful for a single and disposable purpose, the benefits of corporate printing extend a lot further than most people think.
Crisp, clean and concise packaging will get the attention of your audience without all the hoo-ha of tacky email campaigns, social media advertisements and those pesky Google ads that leave you wondering who has been spying on you!
That same feeling you get when you see your favourite magazine at the newsagent or your favourite brand of beverage on the shelf, there is something to be said about the feeling of legitimacy that comes from print and customised and recognisable packaging.
Print advertising and packaging requires “real estate” – a printed brochure placed on the corner of a desk, a poster on the wall, a product on the shelf, a pen on the front counter. Your brand or service is there, unrelenting and ready for consumption, whether the consumer’s eyes choose to see it or not. Printed advertising is such a subconscious part of our everyday lives, we often don’t even realise we are being targeted and fall victim to the power of successful branding.
The overall design and placement of your company packaging and advertising can help you reach your target audience, whether it be a niche market or the general public. If you know your audience demographics, purchasing habits and general needs and wants, you are one step closer to sealing the deal. Let your customised packaging do the hard work for you and reap the benefits with an initial outlay that will see you succeed in the long run.
Experts in the marketing industry know the significance of having a well-recognised brand, and corporate printing and other branded materials are an excellent way to establish your brand. It allows you to create consistency in font, colours, images and symbols that help to establish brand recognition, making your business or service instantly identifiable and very relatable.
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Websites and landing pages are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds per visit. When a customer or lead reads printed collateral, they tend to be more engaged for a longer period of time. They have made a conscious decision to read what they have picked up and are more likely to ‘absorb’ what they are reading. They can put down what they are reading and come back to it when they are ready. Engagement is their choice and with choice comes a greater chance of re-engagement in the long run.
You can’t have one without the other!
But fear not! Creating a great collection of printed advertising material doesn’t mean that you abandon your online marketing efforts. It’s quite the contrary. An integration of both your digital and print marketing makes your well-thought out campaigns stronger and more resilient in the long run. Think of them as complementing each other, working hand-in-hand towards a common goal.

Think outside the box. Literally.
Boxed products with boring, non-stand out packaging go unnoticed when a consumer is making an initial decision or purchase. That’s not to say the customisable packaging cannot be clean and minimal. As a matter of fact, amongst a crowd of bright, overcrowded packages, more is often less. Think what works for your brand and embrace it.
Whether you’re a newbie in the corporate printing world or a print veteran, your options are endless and your print design inspiration is infinite. Think corporate stationery printing, ribbon for gifting, corporate printed t-shirts, brochures, folders and more. Printing is all about getting creative no matter which side of the fence you sit. Open up your business to a whole new printed world and be amazed at the difference a customised print plan can make for you!
Start now and enjoy the power of corporate printing. Showcase your brand in the best possible light with Rightway Design & Print.

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