Think Outside the (Tissue) Box


Looking for something different to promote your business? Want to step away from traditional forms of advertising that are often boring and considered just another piece of junk mail?


Well, you’re in luck! At RightWay Design & Print we’re all about reinventing the wheel. Whilst our services offer all the forms of advertising you’ve come to expect, because let’s face it; any advertising is good advertising… there’s smarter and more unique ways to get your brand name out there.

Inside combo pack by Rightway DP

Our personalised wet wipe and tissue packs are the perfect example of advertising on a whole new level. Whether you’re a wedding supplier, car dealer, run a sporting club, real estate agency and so much more, our handy and portable four pack of wet wipes or tissues are the ideal avenue for brand recognition.


Nope, it’s not just your grandmother putting away the extra serviettes she gets after ordering her morning tea. Most parents will put away small packets of wipes, tissues and even serviettes for later use. And why shouldn’t they? They’re handy in a purse, in your car glove box, in your child’s nappy bag or even in the office!


But there are so many so many occasions where custom printed tissues are ideal…

Combo pack by Rightway DP

So, think about this- you’re getting married. You know tears will be shed. Why not help your guests dry their tears of joy with personalised wedding favour tissue packs? You could add a cute message or simply print your names and wedding date, or perhaps even put a photo on each individual pack. The options are endless and limited only to your imagination!


Are you hosting a fundraiser or stall to promote a business or organisation? Why not add a small pack of wipes or tissues into the mix? Add you company logo, email and phone number, and take promotion to a whole new level.

Opened your own food truck? Why not offer branded wet wipes with any food purchased? Not only are they handy for cleaning up messy fingers, but are the perfect take home reminder of why they should return to your business!


Do you coach a soccer team that needs to grow in the local area? Custom designed tissue packs are great for distributing amongst parents, in show bags, at company events and any other community engagements. Complement existing brochures, enrolment forms and collateral and see your team flourish


At Rightway Design & Print we partner with only the best partners directly from China who promote ethical and sustainable practices to bring you reliable products that are second to none.

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