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While you might know what your business stands for, knowing that your customer knows is the determining factor whether your business is a success or failure.

With a myriad of new releases on the market as many as 95% of new products introduced each year fail, according to AcuPoll. While reasons vary in each case; products not living up to their hype, poor quality or even poorer execution, there is one factor that can help your product or service start on the path to success… product packaging.

From a consumer perspective, personalised packaging is like your brand mascot, promoted on the front of each and every one of your products. Even if you are backed by a big corporation, if the “face” of your product doesn’t sell it to your customer in an efficient manner, you are doing your business an injustice that may cost it in the long run.

Most consumers don’t have the time or patience to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of every product they purchase. This means, they use product packaging to come to a quick decision on whether to purchase an item or leave it on the (virtual) shelf. Product packaging is so powerful because it tells your customer what your brand, product or service are all about. It is your spokesperson, your 24/7 salesman spruiking the reasons to buy your things!

But, is it really that important?

To put it simply, YES! If you think about what differentiates your product from competitors, it’s always what’s on the outside. Your product can be and do virtually the exact same thing as ten others on the market, but the one that sells it the best, will ultimately win the race.

Eye-grabbing packaging is particularly important for new businesses as it can have a direct impact on the sales made and has major influence on the company’s general appeal. But it’s not just important when launching a product or business model. Product packaging will continue to play an important role in the future sales growth of your company, too.

So, how do I create packaging with IMPACT!?

The main purpose apart from selling your product when creating packaging is to become instantly recognisable. Think about the crisp white Apple packaging or Tiffany’s renowned green logo. Those brand moguls have created an instantly identifiable look that sets them apart from the rest of their competitors. So, what can you do to create an impact?

  • Know Your Target Audience
    Whether you’re targeting new mums, middle-aged men, seniors or teenagers, define your demographic and design product packaging that speaks to them.
  • Think Chic, Sleek & Appealing
    Appealing packaging doesn’t have to cost the earth. Think about cool fonts, funky imagery or unique designs that can sell your product without having to spend a fortune on fancy materials.
  • Make Packaging Part of the Experience
    Consider the way your product unboxes when creating your packaging. There are millions of unboxing videos on Youtube that focus on the experience of receiving a new item. Packaging is like your little gift wrap to the customer.
  • Stand Out!
    In a consumer’s paradise where visual marketing is King, you should really be creating brand assets that become recognisable, even iconic, with your audience. Make your brand trigger emotional engagement and familiarity.

Remember, most consumers do not make rational decisions when shopping. Most of us are instinctive and reactive, which is why well-thought-out packaging is a must. As humans we are triggered by emotion, way before any logic has set in, making effective product packaging an imperative for any successful business. WHO are you? WHAT are you? WHY are you relevant?

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